Our Activities

Saleha Seva Bhavi Sanstha Hingoli

Health Camp

Access to quality healthcare is a human right, not a privilege. In marginalized rural areas, it’s quite difficult to afford quality healthcare for the unprivileged population. Recognizing their struggle, we at Saleha Seva Bhavi Sanstha Hingoli focus our efforts on bridging the healthcare gap. We organize health awareness camps, free general health camps. Collaborating with esteemed doctors and health professionals, through these camps, we offer diagnosis, treatment, and medications without charge, striving to make healthcare accessible to all. We extend our gratefulness to those medical professionals whose contributions make our camps successful, working tirelessly to ensure everyone receives the healthcare they rightfully deserve.

Sports Development

Sports play a crucial role in maintaining health and discovering talent. We prioritize sports to foster a healthy society and nurture youth potential. Through organized indoor and outdoor games, we provide platforms for showcasing talent and potential. We advocate for the significance of sports in life and motivate individuals to pursue careers in the field. Our efforts aim to promote overall well-being and cultivate a culture of athleticism.

Food Distribution

During the sacred month of Ramadan, we launch a food distribution program, offering Eid kits to fasting devotees. These kits containing food for Saheri and Iftar are provided free of charge to hostel students, travelers, and others in need. Throughout the month, we sustain this campaign, ensuring that those observing Ramadan have access to nutritious meals. Our initiative aims to support and nourish individuals during this spiritually significant period.

Cloth Distribution

Recognizing the importance of proper clothing for protection, dignity, and confidence, our organization initiated a clothing distribution program. We provide new clothes to economically disadvantaged individuals in rural areas, addressing their basic needs and bringing joy to their lives. Through this initiative, we strive to positively impact the lives of those in need, ensuring they experience the comfort and dignity that comes with adequate clothing.

Educational Support

At Saleha Seva Bhavi Sanstha Hingoli, our main goal is to make education accessible to all, regardless of their background. We focus on developing educational opportunities for underprivileged and economically disadvantaged students. We financially support their education to ensure they can receive uninterrupted quality education. Through initiatives like general knowledge quiz contests in schools and colleges, we encourage interaction and learning. Additionally, we provide financial support for their education, as well as coaching for competitive exams, empowering them to pursue careers as government officers through our assistance and their dedication.